Sunday, November 19, 2006 search

There have been many a search for marketingvoip domain. So I went and checked the domains. does not have anything other than advertisements. Looks like a holding page at, a domain registrar, the one I have all my domains registered at. is a voip service provider. This is the blurb on their website. I do not endorse them though, because I don't know them.
"CVirtual is a company of consultancy in Computer science and telecommunications focused in services of Value Added by means of the provisionamiento of products and services of complete technology for the development and implementation of technological projects in Latin America.

Our main seat is in the state of New Jersey. We worked with clients in several countries from Centro and Suramerica to those who we provided devices of networking, services and devices of Telephony by Internet, systems of monitoreo and monitoring via Web. We counted on but of 6 years in the commercialization of calls by Internet in agreement with several Carriers important and of recognized name world-wide level. Offering to our users the best tariffs, quality and service. "

Visit the site and find about it yourself. Site is available in english and Spanish. The link is for the English site.


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