Thursday, November 02, 2006

Known T.38 service providers for faxing over VOIP.

This is not a complete list of T.38 service providers. I have gathered this information from and provided as a starting point for T.38 service seekers.
T.38 is an ITU standard for sending FAX across IP networks in a real-time mode. Just like any VoIP IP Telephony call made over IP network.FAX messages are sent as UDP or TCP/IP packets.The IETF RFC RFC 3362 implements a media type called image/t38 for T.38 faxes.

T.38 cannot avoid the basic problem that it needs to deal with old FAX machines made before the idea of FoIP was ever considered. These machines expect certain timing constraints to be met. For these machines T.38 eliminates some problems, and reduces the scale of others. However, it is nothing like an FTP or HTTP transfer of an image in its ability to deal with poor network performance.
If you are interested in Fax over IP or T.38, I suggest that you read the article by Steve Underwood, Faxing over IP networks. It covers most issues with FoIP, an extension to T.38 used as a protocol running over UDP.
Asterisk 1.4 supports T.38 pass through, allows IP FAXes to pass through the Asterisk IPPBX server. Ionidea has developed ITU-T.30/T.38 protocol for asterisk and available for download. Visit the Ionidea for more information

Ok! here is the list;

GAFACHI (United States) - Allows you to choose your method of fax, including T.38.
NodePhone (Australia) - acknowledged in their FAQ that they support t.38 fax relay
TOUBATEL (France) - Toubatel is supporting T.38 fax outbound and inbound.
Virtutone by Terrace Communications (Canada) - acknowledged in their FAQ that they support t.38 fax relay
SWISSIPCOM(Switzerland) - SwissIPcom support T.38 faxing for outbound and inbound to all over Europe and the US.

It is your responsibility to check if these services work with you T.38 compliant ATA. I do not endorse any of these services and provided as an information source only.


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