Friday, November 03, 2006

iSuppli does a market research on VOIP IP Telephony.

iSuppli has conducted an study on the VOIP market from 2004-2010 and has some fantastic predictions and numbers. The study was conducted by the pricipal analyst Steve Rago and you can have a look at an abstract on thr iSuppli website. And if this is your market, you can purchase the study.
According to the abstract;
Growth in the VoIP IP Telephony market is being driven by the need for service providers to contol capital expenditures and operating costs, together with their desire to bring to the market Private Branch Exchanges PBX, I thought this is IPPBX? to achieve an all IP networks.
The VoIP market is segmented into three tiers and they are said to be Enterprisese, PBX (I say IPPBX) and residential gateways also known as ATAs in the VOIP jargon.
iSuppli indicates that total combined market will reach 12 billion by 2010 and it is the time to dip your hand in to the cookie jar. But it also warns you of the already crowded market and you have to find a way to eat a piece of cookies already held by incumbents.
So it is necessary to know the dynamics of this market and according to iSuppli, one way is to follow the study conducted by them.
From the abstract it seems to be an extensive study and I think it is better if you are to head over there and read the abstract.
tekrati has more information and numbers than I have stated here.


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