Monday, November 06, 2006

Get your hands on FreePBX2.2beta2 and support the development.

I was over at FreePBX site today and noticed that Rob Thomas has posted about FreePBX 2.2Beta2. What else to do I immediately downloaded and is running on my VMware CentOS partition. First I missed some perquisites but after fixing those system is performing as expected.
Most notable changes are; from Rob's article;
* The facelift! This actually involved a huge amount of work under the bonnet, including a totally new way of hooking modules in - eg, when you enable the Dictation module, you now configure it from the actual extension.
* Ring Groups and Follow-Me with Confirmation (eg, you have to actually accept the call, so your voicemail doesn’t steal it)
* System Recordings allows you to chain together recordings, and use built-in recordings
* And, a pile of new modules (Caller ID blacklisting, SpeedDials, Caller ID Lookup, Dictation, Call Parking Configuration, Phonebook, and a few more)
But I need time to go through all those changes, specially I need my hardware available for day to day operation and I am awaiting some hardware I ordered from Digium to have complete test rig.
Also there is a wiki site setup that will help to report about and to track bugs.
So go get you hands on it.

FreePBX 2.2beta2 article by Rob
FreePBX wiki
FreePBX at Sourceforge (Download from here)


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