Sunday, November 12, 2006

Get your CIT310, a phone with Yahoo inside

If you were misinformed that Skype is the only free/non free service in the VOIP IP Telephony arena, yes, you were mis informed. Yahoo messenger also allows you to talk to your brother in up stairs room and your uncle somewhere in New York. Also you can call land lines if you have subscribed to Yahoo Phone out.
So what does Company like Yahoo do with a service like that, it joined with Linksys to make your life easier. Since most VOIP users still rely on POTS (Plain Old Telephone) line to call when VOIP is not satisfying, Yahoo and Linksys have teamed up to create a dual-mode cordless phone that gives user the ability to toggle between VoIP functionality and a traditional land line.
Dubbed the CIT310, the phone has a small color display and users will receive 100 free minutes yahoo phone out when they sign up for the service.
Today it was around $79.00 at amazon.
You can get more info about Yahoo phone, Yahoo Phone out etc at Yahoo voice site. If you do not have a Yahoo account you can get one there too. But who did not have a Yahoo messenger account!


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