Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Finally a genuine blue screens for VOIP. M$ enters VOIP in a Major way.

I wondering when this is going to happen. After getting used to Gatekeepers, Asterisk, Ser and OpenSer running on Linux boxes, never had to worry about blue screens. Except occasional desktop (M$) lockups when using VOIP clients.
But now you can have them all! Steve Balmer has clearly announced that Microsoft od M$ as it is affectionately known on this blog, will enter the VOIP market in much bigger way. Desktops and the servers will be included in the push.
I begin to wonder if this is going in the way of Vista's Security software. Just that others will have to work harder to run them on Vista. So the M$'s VOIP protocols will have a closer connections to Vista's OS kernel and the others will have to ride the external module wave.
So I wonder how skype will run on Vista?
The news is that CEO Steve Ballmer has announced at a company conference in Japan on Monday, that the company will formally enter the market early next year by incorporating the VOIP technology with its operating system. According to reports, Ballmer has said Microsoft's VoIP rollout, which would include videoconferencing as well as VoIP, will be combined with e-mail, video and instant messaging technologies. This deployment would not only be a part of its operating system, but also be incorporated in desktop applications and server software.
Looks like they finally got their systems integrated with Teleo, the VOIP startup M$ acquired last year. Well these guys seems not to give a dime for anti-competitive nature of this deployment. I hope at least EU will notice this.
One thing is for sure, you will be able to understand the M$ support lines better.


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