Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dog of a VOIP, Dingo becomes a VOIP IP Telephony service.

I don't know if you know what Dingo is. It is commonly described as an Australian wild dog, but is not restricted to Australia, nor did it originate there. Modern dingos are found throughout Southeast Asia, mostly in small pockets of remaining natural forest, and in mainland Australia, particularly in the north. If you want to know more about Dingo the wild dog, check the links at the end of this article.
But what has wild dog got to do with VOIP or IP Telephony, you may ask. Yes it is the main story. Likes of Skype, Vonage, Google Talk, Yahoo talk or any other dozens of PC to PC VOIP providers, a new player is emerging from Australia. With the name of DingoTel. At first I thought this to be another VOIP run of the mill product. But I am glad I did dig deeper in to their product.

Let me start by explaining a little about DingoTel, according to DingoTel blurb;
Put simply, DingoTel™ is an internet telephony service that gives you free voice communication with other DingoTel™ users. We also offer you the ability to make a calls to regular phone numbers worldwide with our Plus Dial service for very low rates. Now you can call friends and relatives who don't have internet access.

We have developed advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) software and technologies that are robust and easy to use. We have also gone the extra mile to provide a more natural experience by allowing you to free yourself from your computer and make calls the way you're used to. We also have the 2Way product that will connect your two-way radios to the DingoTel™ network so you can roam even further (see radio manufacturer's information on range).

So now to the products;

DingoTel PC;
PC is their free to download softphone. It has a similar interface like many instant messenger programs and there is basically no learning curve, if you have used any the IM software. Calling regular phone numbers with our +Dial service is just as easy. First you need to buy calling credit, then dial the country code & phone number on PC's dial pad to make the call. They promise low rates and great voice quality and of course you can check those out by yourself. You will need earphones and a microphone, or a combined headset to use PC.
It features many improvements to the p2p networking infrastructure for faster connections, and a brand new interface with icons for the most popular functions.

* Faster sign in
* Faster connection to your contacts
* Faster call setup
* Multi-pary conference tools
* Improved stability
* New graphical user interface (see below)
* Pre-paid dialing out to PSTN (+Dial Service)

DingoTel TwoWay.

I really like this product. Just think of two rural farmers at the edge of their farms. They need to talk about some crop that both of the growing. Best way to communicate is use a cell phone. It is not cheap, but the problem is is the service working in this rural area properly?. But with DingoTel Twoway system, you can put a walkie talkie at home which is connected to a computer which in turn connected to the internet (Do they have Broadband in rural ares?) Now they can use the walkie talkie to talk about the crop right in the field!
Here is what DingoTel tell about twoway;
DingoTel™ - 2Way enables you to bridge two-way radio traffic across the Internet. It's simple setup allows you to communicate easily with your contacts in minutes.
Using the power of your computer, 2Way adds intelligence to your existing two-way radio infrastructure and lets you go beyond the 5/10 mile barrier. You can now talk with friends and family almost anywhere.
It is also ideal for business use. Manage sites in distant locations and reduce your phone bills. With zero operating costs, it's the ultimate freedom to talk.
We now carry 2 pin, 1 pin, and 3.5mm adapters which let you connect DingoTel to multiple makes and models of radios.
They have a list of compatible radios on their site. (Check the links below).

Dingo the wild Dog
DingoTel main site.
DingTel PC.
DingoTel Twoway.
DingoTel Twoway radio compatibility.


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