Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Can you PIMP your phone? yes mobile only!

According to Mobal site you you can pimp your phone or pimp your mobile in 33 ways. Some of the ways are not to my taste, so I will list some that matters to me and you can find your at Mobal site.

(2) Go full screen. Nokia is developing a ridiculously sexy new phone called the "aeon" which uses a full touch screen over the entire surface of the phone. [Engadget via Mobility Site] Basically the entire surface of the phone turns into a touch screen when in use, and then back to generic looking plastic when not. It's ingenious.

(3) Find yourself. Get GPS. It's expected that the number of cell phone subscribers with GPS services will reach 315 million by 2011. Here's an example of a Nokia handset with GPS. GPS is this year's in-phone MP3 service, or last year's camera phone technology. Expect almost every phone manufacturer to include some form of GPS in their newest phones in 2007. In fact, the competition for having the best GPS technology among phone companies has already begun as Nokia recently signed a deal with GPS giant Trimble.

I love this!
(6) Get mobile VoIP service. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new form of telephony where a call is carried over the Internet. With PDA cellphones coming into the mainstream, millions of people already have broadband Internet access via their phones. So taking the next step to using your cell to make free VoIP calls is already possible, and its only a matter of time before it goes mainstream. In fact, if you have a cellular data plan, you might already have access to mobile VoIP (although not all providers allow it). Mobile VoIP is relatively new, but depending on your phone and provider, some of your choices are Mino Wireless, EQO Mobile, iSkoot, Fring, SoonR, and Skype for PocketPC (specific handsets). There are also a few more technologies like Talkster, that are still being developed. If you're a tech-junkie, you'll want to follow VoIP and cell-phone integration for the next few months, because when this hits the mainstream, its going to be huge.

(25) Upload videos to YouTube. If you're not into cameraphone art contests (see item #4 above), maybe you want to share your video masterpiece with the world at YouTube (now owned by Google). YouTube allows mobile uploads which means that you can touch up your videos and pictures without having to start up the computer.

Well thats enough, otherwise I will have to copy and paste the whlo bloody thing. Go read the article at the site.

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