Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Asterisk + Outlook = Outcall

Bicom Systems, which is a provider of PBX and soft switch turn key solutions, has released it's application OUTCALL, an outlook integration solution for Asterisk.
Bicom Systems announced today it has released its first freeware software to the “Asterisk Community”, OutCall. This is to be the first of similar releases of proprietary tools that can assist users with getting the most out of Asterisk and will also be released as freeware.

“Bicom Systems uses a variety of closed and open source software in its telephony systems. OutCall is an easy to use and install desktop application that assists users to integrate Microsoft Outlook™.” with use of making/receiving phone calls. OutCall was built for the purpose of working with PBXware that is Bicom Systems’ turnkey IPPBX and best results are to be had with PBXware. Nonetheless OutCall will work perfectly well with any Asterisk based system and integrate that system with Microsoft Outlook™.” said Stephen Wingfield, Bicom Systems.

OutCALL application is designed for integration with MS Outlook giving users powerful tools at hand placing and receiving calls. OutCALL features are:

Integration with one or unlimited system extensions (SIP/IAX)
Automatic integration with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and higher
Call History
Real time call notifications via pop windows
Placing calls within Outlook, email message or contact
Automatic contacts data update
Automatic application updates notifications
Clear debug information
Full PBXware / SWITCHware or vanilla asterisk integration
Also Developer/partner editions available

Asterisk outlook integration OutCall


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