Thursday, April 02, 2009

T-Mobile, block the use of Skype on iPhone (and on Blackberry) in Germany

No Skype On T-Mobile
After the launch of Skype for iPhone, more than 600,000 have downloaded the product from iTunes App Store, and Skype ranks as the number one iPhone download around the world, which was expected and yet impressive.
Apple App Store in Germany also ranks Skype as the number one product but according to skype, Deutche Telecom users are verboten (forbidden) from using the app. This seems moronic as other carriers like AT&T, O2 in UK have welcomed the product. Generally German mobile carriers forbid VoIP application on mobile phones.
It was the same reason, that we waited for developer version of Android G1, a statement by T-Mobile honcho at the release of T-Mobile G1;
"When I (Wired Magazine) talked to Cole Brodman, the CTO of T-Mobile, after the event about what would stop something like Skype from designing a program that could run on the phone, negating the need for a massive voice plan, he said he had "worked with Google" to make sure Android couldn't run VOIP." (Update despite CTO's comment, T-Mobile USA allows VoIP calls on phone with WiFi.)
We are happy with our open Android G1 and Our iPhone with Skype. I guess one customer is too many to have lost these days.
I have no words for mobile companies that fail to recognize oppertunities. You can read more at Skype Blog post by Robert Miller ,Skype’s General Counsel.
If it was not posted on March 30th, I would have thought it was a April Fools Joke. But looks like T-Mobile is both without April.
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