Friday, October 10, 2008

Why I Will Not Get A T-Mobile Android! (No VoIP On It)

I was pretty excited when Google Phone Coming Soon actually became a reality. I have been searching for all information on the phone in my regular places getting ready for the phone. But this search also lead me to an article on Wired and I am sure, I will not get T-Mobile G1, the Android based phone to hit the shelves soon. Following is the sole reason and I am sure there will be other carriers who are "OPEN". I will buy a iPhone 3G like Diordna (read backwords) did until then.

"T-Mobile made a big deal about being one of the few carriers embracing open standards and open Skypenosystems -- which is true. Yet just how open is a (sorry) open question. When I talked to Cole Brodman, the CTO of T-Mobile, after the event about what would stop something like Skype from designing a program that could run on the phone, negating the need for a massive voice plan, he said he had "worked with Google" to make sure Android couldn't run VOIP. "We want to be open in a way that consumers can rely on," is the way Brodman put it to me."
Wired Article.


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