Monday, August 03, 2009

AstLinux 0.6.7 Ready For Download

AstLinux Distribution
Kristian Kielhofner has released a newer version of AstLunux distribution, AstLinux 0.6.7. He has made a quite a few changes and those are available from his site.
AstLinux is a custom Linux distribution built around Asterisk, the Open Source IP PBX. But you will see more than Asterisk with AstLinux. Many VoIP applications, many of them, my favorites, like OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH are also made available from the project.
AstLinux is an ideal choice for embedded and / or commercial Asterisk based solutions. I have been running an AstLinux server for a while now.
If you already have AstLinux, you can upgrade via upgrade function in the web interface. You can also do the same from the command line:
"upgrade-run-image upgrade" sans quotes. If you are new, download the complete ISO or the img.
More information available from AstLinux site.


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