Friday, August 07, 2009

Virtual Girl Friend For All The Otakus With iPhones, Amamiya Momo

Amamiya Momo

It is a virtual Girlfriend App for iPhone. So too bad for me, as I have a real one and I do not think I have time for another, virtual or real.! :(. But the app seem to fit Otaku (おたく) mind frames.
The App sound real with descriptions like "Her lovely behavior may confuse you" or "Your teasing will blush her" Oh the oher part is that she speaks only Japanese and so you might not understan her in any case.
Just like the real one, the virtual one knows where you are thanks to location services. She will know if you are at home or out side and act accordingly.
So if you want a new girl friend or want to annoy the heck out of current one take thar spare $2.99 to Apple App store.


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