Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Twitter Sued By TechRadium On Patent Infringement.

Twitter Patents

With all the attention that Twitter has been getting it is no wonder patent mongers (I generally do not like patents) are on the prowl.
Yesterday,August 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas, TechRadium filed a law suit claiming that the capability of sending messages simultaneously to multiple parties is their to keep. The company sights three issued patents: Nos. 7,130,389, 7,496,183, and 7,519,165.

I hope these patents get properly examined now if necessary nullified if proved to be wrong. US Patent office is known to have issued questionable patents.
Because if TechRadium right and correctly own the patents, why not, other mass messaging systems, like web sites and blogs, that get delivered via different mediums, like RSS, Voice, PDFs etc. I am just plain panicking here :)

"TechRadium develops, sells, and services mass notification systems that allow a group administrator or “message Author” to originate a single message that will be delivered simultaneously via multiple communication gateways to members of a group of “message Subscribers.” A member of a subscriber group can receive such message in their choice of any combination of voice message, text message e-mail and so on. This technology is patented by the Plaintiff, TechRadium, and marketed under the trade name “IRIS”™ (Immediate Response Information System). Among other things, the patented IRIS™ technology eliminated the need for an Author to send multiple identical messages, and allowed Subscribers to select the most convenient form of notification for them."


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