Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AT&T Blackberry Bold Gets Visual Voicemail.

Visual Voicemail On AT&T Blackberry Bold
AT&T published today that Blackberry bold customers will receive an update that enables Visual voicemail on ther handsets. AT&T Visual Voicemail – a free* service (only for users on data plan) now available for BlackBerry® Bold® users.
AT&T Visual Voicemail makes it easierto check voicemail. Similar to looking at messages in your e-mail inbox, allowing you to choose the order in which you listen to them.
Visual Voicemail features include:
Review and delete messages from your Visual Voicemail or Messages inbox
Store up to 40 messages for 14 days in your inbox
Save important numbers to your contacts
Reply to messages via return call, SMS, email, or MMS
Share messages by forwarding via email or MMS
Save audio of messages to device memory or to memory card

Existing BlackBerry Bold users can update their devices with a software maintenance release (v4.6.0.508) which includes the AT&T Visual Voicemail application.
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