Thursday, August 06, 2009

FreePBX v3 Developers Preview Announced.

FreePBX v3
Folks at FreePBX has announced the availability of FreePBX v3 Developer preview and invites all who those do testing to iron out the system for rest of the users.
In addition to improving already fantastic PBX system by taking in the user feedback and real world deployement information, FreePBX has fused the TCAPI project and included some contributions from the Phonebooth Project. The team has also picked picked Kohana, Doctrine and jQuery as core components to realize the systems design goals.
From the get go, the project has some great goals including but nor limited to;

  • Make FreePBX truly telephony engine independent
  • A well thought out modular design building on the past 5 years of experience
  • Use of a true MVC framework
  • Choose best in breed components and build on top of them
  • Excellent documentation to encourage developer involvement
  • Easily Skinnable
You will find documentation and examples on FreePBX wiki as well as a fully functioning CD, ISO image for download coming soon that will help all of us to get started in evaluating and contributing to FreePBX V3 project!

FreePBX V3 Announcement


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