Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fonality FIGHT CLUB! Fight The Recession!

When I first saw the post I thought "what a fighting spirit and what a way to fight the recession!" and went to read on and pick up some tips. Then I realized that he meant actual physical fight club! MMA style one! Ha!
"But, sometimes when things are down, you just really need to hit someone. So, why not hit your boss? As such, the Fonality employees have decided to have some each other's expense. They have launched their own official FIGHT CLUB. Our first rule of FIGHT CLUB is: tell everyone about FIGHT CLUB!"
I do not think I want to work there! I had fun watching the videos though!

You will find more info on the Fonality CEO's post. He has not posted since then! may be the employees were stronger than he thought?


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