Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Asterisk Server And 11000 Channels (= A Steak Dinner And A Bottle Of Wine!)

Scaling Asterisk
Olle E. Johansson, well known in the Asterisk circle has posted on the Asterisk-Users list at Digium on how he achieved 11000 channels on one single server.
During a large Asterisk deployment, the team has been testing and hovering around 2000 channels of G.711 with quad core CPU's and Intel Pro/1000 network cards on IBM servers. Any attempt to surpass this has resulted in IRQ sambol and bleak look on the steak dinner that was promised by John Todd at Astricon 2009 for anyone who jumps 10000 calls barrier.
So Olle went about his business and happened to slap Asterisk 1.4 on a HP DL380 G6, server. In no time he was passing 10000 channels between three similar server without having any IRQs going to sleep. (10000 was the Asterisk Scaling mark that some one has to pass to earn a Dinner from John Todd at Digium.)
But Olle is in trouble as he dreams of the dinner (if you follow the thread, you will see the reasons, John Todd already replied "Your dinner awaits, along with a very nice bottle of wine. (or port,or whatever it is you prefer.) But, just a few questions.. ;-)"
), he wants your help!
"So, please help me. I need answers to John Todds questions while he's treating me with really good expensive wine at Astricon. How did this happen? Was it the Broadcom NICs? Was it the Intel 5530 Xeon CPU's? Or a combination? Or maybe just the cheap Netgear switch..."
It is a nice discussion and I learned a lot. Astricom awaits, lot to learn and buy myself a Steak Dinner! But now to play with 45MBPs pipe we just got to one of our offices! First branch office on a fat pipe, (yes! it runs under the ocean!) Scaling Asterisk is a task I am looking forward to. I am raising this glass of Chivas Regal (21 GS), I am sipping to Both John And Olle! As my colleague across the table would say! Kampai!
Post and the discussion on the Asterisk Users Mailing list
Where Olle Johansson hangs around I have seen :) John Todd too. Get hold of him if you have beaten Olle's record.


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