Thursday, May 07, 2009

OpenSIPS CP 2.0 Is Out

OpenSIPS Control Panel 2.0 is released

OpenSIPS-CP version 2.0 is a major release from the OpenSIPS Control Panel project. OpenSIPS-CP is a Web Control Panel Application for OpenSIPS server and is currently compatible with OpenSIPS 1.5.x.

In addition to the fixes for several bugs, the new release enhances the existing tools and have streamlined DB scheme (definitions and interwork with OpenSIPS DB). Another improvement is the extension of the drouting tool by adding list-based route handling, giving the freedom of choosing between creating your own list of gateways or using a predefined list.

What you find new in this version of control panel is;

  • dispatcher - provisioning of the dispatcher lists via DB, cache reload via MI
  • nathelper - provisioning of the RTPproxy sets via DB, cache inspection and reload (MI), RTPproxy enable/disable (via MI), ping enable/disable (MI).
  • permissions - provisioning via DB of the trusted set of addresses.

OpenSIPS-CP 2.0 is now available for download on SourceForge.


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