Friday, August 14, 2009

ITC Rules In Favor Of Nokia In InterDigital's 3G (UMTS) Patent Case

InterDigital's 3G (UMTS) Patents
We are not big fans of patents but it is the law and we respect it. But we hope patent offices around the world, be more cautious when they issue patents. VoIP Patents are so many, even the current good boy Nokia has a bunch of VoIP patents and in 2006 we had 2049 VoIP Patents. Number will be much higher now and your guess is good as mine.
After a lengthy investigation, United States International Trade Commission (US ITC) judge issued an Initial Determination in favour of Nokia in the action brought by InterDigital against Nokia.
Now will Samsung get their money back from Interdigital?

Nokia's Press Release

New York, NY, USA - Nokia announced today that a United States International Trade Commission (ITC) judge issued an Initial Determination in favour of Nokia in the action brought by InterDigital against Nokia. The case, filed by InterDigital, alleged that Nokia infringed four patents that InterDigital asserts to be essential for the UMTS (3G) mobile standard. The judge found that there is no infringement of the four alleged patents and therefore, Nokia is not in violation of section 337 of the Tariff Act.
The judge's Initial Determination, issued on August 14, 2009, is consistent with a previous judgment in the United Kingdom that found several InterDigital patents not to be essential to the UMTS mobile standard.
"As a leading innovator Nokia respects valid and used IPR and expects others to do the same", said Ilkka Rahnasto, vice president, Nokia Legal and Intellectual Property. "We are willing to compensate other contributors with what is fair and reasonable for such IPR, however in the case of unrealistic and unwarranted demands, we are prepared to ensure through litigation that our rights are protected. We believe this initial determination by the ITC combined with earlier UK court decisions provide a strong indication that the asserted value of InterDigital's 3G patent portfolio may have been over-estimated."
The judge's Initial Determination will now be forwarded to the full Commission for review. The Commission is scheduled to make its Final Determination by around December 14, 2009. Ahead of the Final Determination, Nokia will continue to present its case to the ITC.


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