Friday, August 21, 2009

Glass, Android Based Desktop Phone Plaform From Cloud Telecomputers.

Glass, Android Based Desktop Phone
Cloud Telecomputer has released information on their new Android based desktop phone platform that seem to be very attractive and at the same time much different from other modern desktop phones we are familiar with.
The aesthetics themselves are to my liking and I was looking towards an Android based home communications device called Nimble by Touch Revolution, another desktop phone based on Android. But the difference is pretty clear, the Cloud Telecomputer's Glass is a reference design and you could mold it to fit your needs.
Glass Hardware provides the means of telephony via either VoIP or POTS, and enough processing power. The system also networked with two port Ethernet switch and USB connection for PC or other compatible device. It also sports a HD voice capability and a 800X600 color touch screen.
Following are some of the system eatures;
• 8” high-resolution color touchscreen

With a friendly touchscreen at your fingertips, dialing a contact, recording a phone call, conferencing and transfers all happen seamlessly and intuitively.

• One-Touch dialing

Dialing a contact that came from your Outlook contact list, your company’s employee directory, or your mobile phone has never been easier. Simply touch the name and you are connected.

• HD audio

Glass uses wideband speech codecs which encode 7.1KHz of the voice spectrum instead of the standard 3.4KHz. This doubles the bandwidth for communications and elevates voice quality substantially. Combine HD audio with Glass’ acoustically tuned housing, and the end result is industry leading speakerphone clarity.

• Bluetooth Integration

Glass can pair with your cellphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to make and receive cellphone calls on your desk phone. You can even access cellphone contacts directly on the touchscreen. Now there is never a need to juggle your desk phone and mobile phone in the office.

• Android development environment

By building Glass on Google’s Android, we allow users to take full advantage of second- and third-party applications. Imagine a desk that doesn’t become obsolete, but instead evolves to become more useful over time as new applications develop.
Glass by Cloud Telecomputer


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