Thursday, August 13, 2009

Axel Springer Brings Mobile Content To The Masses With iPhone

Mobile Media Publishing
European newspaper giant Axel Springer, One of Europe's large print operation, is looking to bring its content to mobile users and they have iPhone in the middle of the target.

“With the evolving Internet, we need to evolve our offerings for our printed paper, websites, and mobile content,” says Hans-Christian Pahlig, Team Lead for the BILD Newspaper Production Systems at Axel Springer. “The mobile content we are providing is quite new, so employees need to understand how our content will look on a mobile device like iPhone.”

Envisioning to become Europe’s most creative and profitable multimedia publishing enterprise, Axel Springer, has transformed itself from a news paper publisher to a digital media powerhouse. A part of the mobile phase of mobile digital content will bedelivered by Apple iPhone.

“The rollout of iPhone at Axel Springer is one of the greatest mobile projects in an enterprise environment in Europe,” says Zurheide. The movement began with iPhone distribution to Axel Springer management in Berlin and Hamburg. IT set up Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and configured the devices for employees.

“We prepared the rollout in a way that employees just had to type in their email passwords on iPhone, and they were working on their own,” Zurheide explains.



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