Monday, January 05, 2009

FreeSwitch 1.0.2 Released

The FreeSwitch team has released a new version of FreeSwitch to celebrate the new year. The release comes with a bunch of new fixes and features. Most notables are the benefits of teaming with Polycom. FreeSWITCH team has made it extremely easy and simple to reach into Polycom's wideband (WB) and ultra-wideband (UWB) Siren(tm) family of codecs. This is a very important milestone as many commercial, SMB and SMEs use polycom equipment within their networks.

Another exciting development which we wrote about earlier (48k CD Quality VoIP with CELT), is the addition of the 100% open-source CELT codec. CELT supports sampling rates higher than the 44.1kHz rate used by traditional CDs.
To prove the value of the CELT codec, FreeSwitch members Anthony and Brian played/listened to a guitar solo over a 48kHz session via FreeSwitch and Celt. The listener, Brian has summed it up as awsome!.
These are very valuable codecs to VoIP Users and VoIP Developers. About 6 years ago, I helped to develop a VoIP Telephony system based H323 Gatekeeper and G729 codec. The licence fee for G729 almost stopped the project in its tracks.
With these codecs people will be able to conduct HD quality conferences over VoIP. Whether over private or public networks, the use of WB Telephony, UWB Telephony, and HD telephony will reach very high denominations, provided that you use technologies like FreeSwitch and CELT.
There is more. Another two most notable features added are the FreeSwitch fax capability and a FreeSWITCH remote client. Thanks to the fax capabilities, dialplans now can be used to route inbound or outbound fax calls.
The Remote client is capable of connecting to local or remote instances of FreeSWITCH. An INI-style configuration file allows for multiple profiles. Think Administrates handling multiple FreeSwitch instances!
There are many more items to list and the changelog list 290 of such items. So read this article about the release and then install the new version!
Thank you FreeSwitch Team!


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