Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is Apple Planing To Get In To Cattle Business With iProd?

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Handle your cattle with iProd

According to the smart people at ArsTechnica has found a new product ready to be released from Apple. The product name is iProd. The first thought was "Oh, Apple is getting in to cattle business!" but there are no cattle or farms in Cupertino! (But that is ok, I drink milk from Berkeley Farms and I have never seen a farm in berkeley!)
Perhaps Steve is feeling that his workers are not up to the par and need a bit of prodding, what better than an iProd for him to carry around. Apple patented iProd a while ago, and we thought Apple was going to prod us to a workout!Seriously, people think it is either the MAC Tablet that we all have been waiting for or the iPod Nano with Camera that we have heard about.
Eitherway I think the truth will be out soon.
Ars Technica
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