Monday, April 13, 2009

iPhone Is More Productive And Better Than Other Smartphones In The Enterprise.

iPhone in the enterprise
Like Gartner went back on it's earlier recommendation and said that "iPhone is ready for the Enterprise", another think tank / research group has gone back on it's words regarding iPhone and recommending it for the enterprise. (Why are calling these think tanks if they continue to fail?)
According to Appleinsider; Forrester earlier warned "avoid iPhones when possible" due to the high phone prices and lack of security, now playing a different tune that these worries have been taken care by Apple's iPhone 2.x firmware. They also mentiones and uses Amylin Pharmaceutical, Kraft Foods, and Oracle on iPhone as examples of how not following their warnings and permitting the phones ultimately helped their respective bottom lines.
I am sure the early look at the iPhone 3.0 features made these companies to look back at their analysis of the iPhone. Perhaps we will hear these companies telling us only to use iPhone soon!
Read the complete article at Appleinsider.


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