Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google Phone Might Come Our Sooner

The Wall Street Journal carried an article about Google Powered Phone, (Google Phone, Gphone) today. But the Journal is basically saying what we have been saying for some time now, first article here, and then the update here, both with photos that were mocked up Google phone. Even the first article got DUGG. Of course Google's support of open Broadband, Open access to 700MHz spectrum may have had something to do with Google Phone.

The article cites unnamed sources as saying Google has been talking to Taiwan's HTC and South Korea's LG Electronics about making phones that will run the Google mobile OS.
But I am yet to find a real Gphone photo.
Google might select T-Mobile, supposedly the most consumer-friendly of the major U.S. cellular carriers, as the Google phone's wireless operator of choice. The Google based phones are expected to wrap together several Google applications like its search engine, Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail, that are already available on some mobile devices. The most radical element of the plan, though, is Google's push to make the phones' software "open" right down to the operating system, say Linux!, the layer that controls applications and interacts with the hardware. That means independent software developers would get access to the tools they need to build additional phone features.
WSJ Article


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