Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yamaha's VoIP Conference Phone, "PJP-25UR", will be available in December 2007

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Yamaha Corporation (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) is set to bring, conference Phone, "PJP - 25UR" to the market shortly in Japan.
The VoIP Conference Phone sports a built in echo canceler. The Yamaha PJP-25UR includes an USB 2.0 FULL Speed interface to be connected with a computer, one analog input, one analog output in the form of stereo mini- jack, Connector for optional AC adapter (PS-AC1).
The system also has a 12 mini microphones (3X4 Microphone arrays) and two microphone arrays are on movable arms reducing the requirement of getting close to the phone when speaking. The Phone also has HiFi speakers and also capable of attaching additional speakers if necessary. The system also includes software for Microsoft Windows Vista/XP Professional/XP Home Edition.
The VoIP Conference Phone will cost 63,000 Yen or $550 roughly.

Translated press release.


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