Monday, October 29, 2007

VoIP and UC Best Practices Webinar

Security and managing threats are the last thing you want to consider when you are bringing up a Unified Communications (UC) project or Enterprise wide VoIP deployment. Because you would think that the security and firewalls already enabled will take care of and this sort of things will come around when necessary.
But the potential security implications of extending their VoIP/UC network over public and/or untrusted networks need to be addressed in very unique way. VoIP/UC threats are very different from data threats, and your usual firewalls and security measures might allow hackers to carry out spoofing and denial-of-service attacks, unwanted reboots, unauthorized toll calls (toll fraud), and to take over the device to either steal or delete confidential data.
(There were two hackers who made more than 500,000 calls through well known VoIP service providers.)

So to deploy VoIP/UC securely, there are a number of security best practices that must be followed to prevent attacks and minimize risk.
Best practices exist that allow enterprises to benefit from UC and maintain secure networks. These best practices are the topic of an upcoming Webinar, “VoIP Security Best Practices: Preventing Attacks and Managing Risk,” hosted by Sipera Systems.

November 6, 2007
2:00pm ET
11:00am PT

The Webinar will guide you through;
  • the unique threats that target the enterprise VoIP/UC networks and users;
  • the new VoIP/UC security best practices and the data security ones needed for VoIP/UC;
  • the shortcomings of existing data security products in satisfying all best practices; and
  • the requirements for a comprehensive VoIP/UC security solution.


Eric Winsborrow Chief Marketing Officer Sipera Systems

Eric Winsborrow joined Sipera Systems in 2007 with 20 years of experience in both security and unified communications. As Chief Marketing Officer, Eric is responsible for Sipera’s marketing, product management and business development.

Prior to Sipera, Eric was the VP of Product Marketing for McAfee, where he conceived and executed the most successful launch in company history, Total Protection solutions, repositioning the company from anti-virus to security risk management. Eric also held executive positions at security companies, including Symantec and Sygate, and unified communications vendors Cisco, Lucent and Nortel.

Eric conducted his undergraduate studies in Engineering Physics and Economics at McMaster University in Canada, and completed his MBA in International Business and Marketing in Japan.

Erik Linas Associate Editor,Technology Marketing Corporation

In addition to his work with TMC’s IP Communications publications, Erik is a contributor to TMCnet. Prior to joining the TMC team, he was Managing Editor at Global Custodian, a global securities services publication, where he also managed the magazine’s survey research. Erik began his professional career at management consulting firm Leadership Research Institute.The Webinar, led by Eric Winsborrow at Sipera and Erik Linask at Technology Marketing Corporation, is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2007, at 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT).

Please Register for the Webinar here.

I found about this first at TMCNet


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