Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vonage Get Sued by AT&T Now, For Infringing VoIP Patents.

Looks like Vonage does not have a place to hide these days. AT&T Inc. on Friday has filed a lawsuit against VOIP provider Vonage, seeking damages for alleged patent infringement. The case was filed in Western District of Wisconsin.
Why Wisconsin? you may NOT ask but Russell Shaw at ZDNet thinks that there could be more to this;
"Less consequential, but more head-scratching: why the filing in Western Wisconsin? Is this an attempt on AT&T’s part to seek a decision in a U.S. Court their lawyers perceive to be friendly toward patent holders?"

AT&T alleged that Vonage wilfully infringed an AT&T patent related to telephone systems that allow people to make VOIP (voice-over-Internet Protocol) calls using standard telephone devices.

I think it is big corporations not wanting to share what could be theirs. Or perhaps get them while they are down. On the other hand is it not the same allegation that Vonage just settled with Sprint Nextel?, more than 100 patents covering technology for connecting calls from a traditional phone network to an IP network?. So may be AT&T has to sue Sprint Nextel as well.


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