Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Google Might Benefit From Verizon iPhone Deal, Despite Pundits Predictions.

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I was reading an article on Bloomberg on the Verizon iPhone that everyone is expecting to be announced today. It is sometimes laughable how narrow the thinking of pundits.
First line I noticed in article was "Google Inc. may lose business as Verizon Wireless starts selling Apple Inc.’s iPhone," well even I know that unlike Apple, Google does not sell Android phones per se. And all the software that makes money for Google, runs on iPhone too, even the Google Voice iPhone is now approved by Apple.
Yes if Android comes tot he market dominance, Google stand to gain but not by selling phones. Even a few of us who are Android fans, not planing on getting Google's own Android Phone, Nexus S, we are eying better faster ones to spend our money on. It is the mobile search and advertising that makes money for Google.
As I just said, I just registered my iPhone and other Apple stuff at Apple Support Profile site, and we also know that just by Verizon getting the iPhone, will not be a death ringer for AT&T. There are too many factors that riding on these companies and phones to make "iPhone wins and everything else fails" predictions like;

“A lot of people who bought Android phones were buying it in lieu of an iPhone because they couldn’t get one on the Verizon network,” said Charlie Wolf, a Needham & Co. analyst in New York.
AT&T will loose new customers and some customers at the end of the contract (most will think twice about giving up "Unlimited Data" in those contracts.

It is more likely that Sprint and T-Mobile stand to lose with Verizon iPhone than anyone because new potential smartphone customers will turn up at Verizon doorsteps, attracted by new iPhone.
Then again, we all know that Apple will always release a new iPhone in the mid year, perhaps iPhone 4G, if that is not what coming out of Verizon already. I think it will be good to see how Verizon Network do with iPhone customers, who are more data, video and MMS oriented than other customers.

One good thing that might come out of this deal, might be better and cheaper Android phones! Competition does wonderful things. It may turn out that Google stand to win, with this Verizon iPhone deal, in the long run.


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