Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free SIP Provider List, Tested And Verified

#Free #SIP #Provider List

Well This is outdated now. Please visit

Free SIP Account Providers 2013

We always verify this list because a lot of people come to our site looking for Free SIP Service Providers or Free SIP accounts. We have anonymous (without indicating that it is us) accounts under all these services, so we know if anything changes.
In addition one of us, time to time go and make sure that we still can create accounts so that we can keep our list correct.
On the other hand there could be other free SIP service providers and please leave a comment or leave send an email to Diordna and we will include the provider to the list, after verifying.

Following organizations provide Free SIP services, including free SIP accounts were also included in the initial "Free SIP Provider List".
Again, Please leave a comment if you are a Free SIP Service Provider or know one. Will be happy to add to the list, once we verify as we always do.

Free SIP Service Providers, in no particular order;

IPTEL.ORG. the original SER Creators A project by AG Projects,

AntiSIP, One my favorite and oldest SIP service providers.

PBXes or also known as i-p-tel GmbH, provides both free and paid services.

VoIPUser, A community effort.


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