Sunday, January 16, 2011

Android Developers Labs Goes Around The World And Brings Us A Samsung Galaxy S with TV antenna!

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It is just photo in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S with TV antenna but  we all know, Android and everything about Android is mobility.  So when I read the post by Tim Bray and Reto Meier, an Android Evangelist, I realized that the Android Developer Labs and the Android developer relations team are mobile themselves. It is nice to hear about various beers and food they had in various places. But the underlying messages is that there are many developers around the world who want to rally around Android OS and Google Android Team is ready to take it to those developers, all over the world. From European cities such as Stockholm, Munich and Moscow to Florence. They also covered South America.
It is nice that they shared their experience with us so that we know, we are not alone, hacking away at code here in USA. The Android Appeal is Global and taking many people mobile in very interesting ways. Link to the article after the jump. But I want one of these Galaxy S with TV antenna!

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