Sunday, January 09, 2011

Verizon iPhone To Rule The Air, With iPhone 4(G)?

image from Gizmodo
#VerizoniPhone To #RuleTheAir.
The blogsphere and the regular news channels are awash with Verizon iPhone. More so since Verizon has sent out the invite above to select few Bloggers and reporters. I too think that Verizon will announce the iPhone on 11th.
We have discussed the event of Verizon, the best wireless carrier, according to consumer reports, will hammer the worst wireless carrier, AT&T according to the same report and some personal experiences. But come to think of it, it might be the other carriers in the middle, SPrint and T-Mobile that might get hit hardest.
AT&T has some kind of bind on most of it's iPhone contracts and the release of iPhone 4 added and renewed most of these contracts, except people like me. Even though my iPhone is old, iPhone 3G, and my contract with AT&T is over, I am still with AT&T on that account. Why? because I have unlimited data, which is very important to me. I might get a new phone, something like Google Nexus S, unlocked and yet stay with AT&T until, I find a carrier with reasonable data offer.
But get back to the subject of Verizon iPhone, one aspect that might make it attractive to most would be, in addition to the reliable wireless net work, is the possibility of iPhone on 4G. I am sure there will be flock of new users to Verizon, if the Verizon iPhone is iPhone 4G!
So rather than seeing flocks of AT&T customers defecting to Verizon, we might see many new customers who were put off because of the AT&T from getting an iPhone will run to Verizon. Those are the customers that may have gone to Sprint or T-Mobile
The other aspect of the scenario is that Verizon will be better prepared than the AT&T handling the influx of data gulping iPhone users on their network. They have experienced the Android and Laptop users sucking data on their network and I am sure they would have tested and retested for the potential data hungry iPhone users.
So those who thought that AT&T network would be better after many iPhone users defecting to Verizon better check their options. Sprint and T-Mobile better have some strategies to over come the loss of new users.


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