Tuesday, January 26, 2010

iPhone And Palm WebOS Gets Google Voice.

Google Voice comes to iPhone and Palm WebOS snapvoip.blogspot.com
We all know the saga of Google Voice App for iPhone which is yet to be approved was replaced with a web based solution, while we wait! (Apple testers must be asleep, shame on you Apple and AT&T)
Android and BlackBerry users are already enjoying the Google Voice App. I have it on my Google Phone and I am yet to place it on my blackberry.
But I am happy with the Google Voice webapp for the iPhone which is available from m.google.com/voice. The webapp is also availble for Palm Phones with WebOS, Nokia S60 and WinMo and others from the same address.
HTML5 app is fast and features like AppCache lets you interact with web apps without a network connection and local databases allow you to store data locally on the device.

You get one number for all your calls and Free SMS messages (Yes Free) and you get voicemail transcription, a lovely feature for those who yse a phone, any phone.
The free text messages is the way to beat those high priced testing from all the careers I know.
You can also make interbnational calls for lower cost and you can check out all these features on the Google Voice mobile site


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