Wednesday, January 12, 2011

99.9% Of North Korean Wireless Useres Connect Over 3G Network

North Korea Tops Global 3G network Adaptation
In the world of mobile data communications becoming very prominent and important,Secretive and closed economies in the world has come out on the top.
Before wondering how, remember the total number of wireless clients are 301,399 and most of them are on a single network (Egyptian owned cellco CHEO Technology (Koryolink)). Most probably all those are high ranking government officials and influential people, basically going nowhere over the network, other than texting and visiting a few government websites.
Japan (94.6&) came in the second followed by South Korea (71.7%). They were followed by Australia (64.6%) and Taiwan (58.1%). Sweden (55.4%) being the only non-Asia-Pacific country to enter the list, after first five slots taken by the Asian Pacific countries.
Six out of top ten countries to have most wireless users came from Asia as you can see from the graph above. USA (31.4%) is placed 24th.
TeleGeography's GlobalComms Database
TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database is the most complete and up-to-date source of data about the wireless, broadband, and fixed-line markets and service providers.


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