Monday, January 31, 2011

Google's Android Topples Nokia From The Top Smartphone OS Position

Google's Android Topples Nokia From The Top Mobile OS Position
Not content on having passed iPhone, in numbers, Google's Android has now surpassed the world leader, Nokia, pushing it off the perch. Nokia's smartphone initiatives like Nokia N8 failed to make it's mark in the US market.
Google Android based phones numbered 32.9 million in the Q4, 2010 and Nokia had 31 million shipped. Apple might be feeling it too, I hope Steve Jobs come back soon to keep up up his alleged words,

"We did not enter the search business. They (Google) entered the phone business, make no mistake; Google wants to kill the iPhone. We won't let them." 
because quarterly sales of Android passed up the iPhone in May of last year and according to a comScore report, total subscribers of Google Android in the U.S. have passed the iPhone. more so, on the third quarter of 2010, Apple passed RIM to place fourth in the global phone market but according to IDC data released last week, Apple slipped to fifth in the fourth quarter. What's more the Apple co founder, Steve Wozniak admitted that Android will dominate the mobile world.

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Google's Android dethroned Nokia's Symbian as the most popular smartphone platform in the last quarter of 2010, ending a reign that began with the birth of the industry 10 years ago.
Research firm Canalys said on Monday phone makers sold a total of 32.9 million Android-equipped phones in the last quarter, compared with Symbian's total sales of 31 million. The landmark piles pressure on Nokia as it struggles to reassert itself at the top end of the mobile handsets market.
Following Apple's 2007 entrance into smartphones, Google rolled out its open-source Android operating system, which has become the standard for smaller phone makers.
Hit models from Samsung Electronics, HTC and LG Electronics helped Android in the quarter, while Symbian suffered from troubles of its owner and main user, Nokia.
"We have seen some strong products from a number of vendors," said Canalys analyst Tim Shepherd.
 Yahoo Via Appleinsider


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