Sunday, January 09, 2011

Microsoft, CES and Tablets Did not Mix Very Well And Lead To Android Hacking

#Microsoft, #CES and Tablets
I think almost everyone expected to hear something about Microsoft's drive towards tablet OS. While most of the other manufacturers and OS companies had a lot to offer in the tablet front. Make no mistakes, there were many Windows 7 based tablets peppering the vast Android based tablet landscape, it was not enough to drive enthusiasm towards Microsoft.
Windows on ARM has been the the theme fro Microsoft but I have even forgotten what an ARM processor is. On the other hand, Windows 7 has been running fine on my Asus convertible tablet based on ATOM Processor for a while. I expected to see more on that front as most tablets seem to run ATOM processors. Actually we have a bunch of projects that being developed on ATOM based Windows tablets.
Yes there were rumors or reaffirmation of rumors about Windows 8 or Microsoft Jupiter planing to do wonders on tablet front (ZDNet), but not really enough to drive me to get a tablet based on windows.
But the 11.6" ExoPC seem to be a fine candidate for hacking as it is possible to run Android on it, ExoPC is now available on Microsoft Stores. Sorry Balmer, at least Gates brought us something we could scream at but you even fail at that!. If you want to get Android on ExoPC, ExoPC Forums has info on the subject.which actually lead to this blog by Al Sutton, which we sometimes run to get Android info.


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