Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mod_pocketsphinx And FreeSwitch Will Help You To Order Pizza.

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A FreeSWITCH app example, Gino's Pizza brings together mod_pocketsphinx, FreeSWITCH (least rev 9194) and a buch of clever thinking and scripts to demonstrate the speech recognizing capabilities of FreeSWITCH.
The page for Example Application for FreeSwitch takes one through every step (very few) to compile and install everything needed to order Pizza through voice lines, be it PSTN or VoIP (Even a free SIP call through a Free SIP account).

PocketSphinx is an open source project by Carnegie Melon University and being used by many people in different ways. Brian West is responsible for mod_pocketsphinx, as I read from the source code file.

Basically the process is very simple four steps if you are knowledgeable in FreeSWITCH but not so hard four steps for people want to order a pizza very badly (there is plenty of help available at FreeSWITCH site to get these four steps acomplished).

  1. Please update to at least rev 9194 so this will work correctly. Scoring was changed to be 0 = bad and 100 = good.
  2. Build FreeSWITCH™ and enable mod_pocketsphinx
  3. FreeSWITCH™ will automatically download and install pocketsphinx
  4. enable mod_pocketsphinx in the Modules.conf.xm
Once you have done these then it is getting grammar files ready like;
#JSGF V1.0;

  * JSGF Grammar for pizza_size

grammar pizza_yesno;

 = [ yes | yep | correct ];
 =  [ no | nope ];

public  =  ;
Then it is to get your Pizza demo by copying the demo scripts from the source to your working directory.
FreeSWITCH Pizza Order demo


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