Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PBX Deployment, Self Hosted, Cloud Based Or Hybrid?

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We get asked, what is best PBX solution? many a times in our day to day lives. Usually the question is followed by, Should it be self hosted or cloud based meaning hosted PBX?
We always give answers, different ones based on who asks the question. But today I found an article that analyzes PBX deployment scenarios collectively, Self hosted or premises based (in the closet) Outsourced or hosted PBX (PBX In the cloud) or a hybrid meaning a combined solutions.
Digium Community Director Bryan Johns has written an article in preparation for planned panel discussion at ITExpo East in Miami next month on the same topic.
After reading the article, I have made mental and digital notes, to follow up on that panel discussion at ITExpo 2011.
Digium Blog, Bryan Jones.


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