Thursday, January 13, 2011

Google Translate for Android Now Understands 53 Languages, Translates Spoken Words.

#Google #Translate for #Android Now Understands 53 Languages, Translates Spoken Words
The Google Translate for Android has come a long way since it was first debut a year ago. Now with built in AI, it can handle non-Roman scripts and even translates spoken words, truly being a part of hands free mobile world.
I use Google Translation mostly in SMS, when I chat with my foreign friends or contacts. But it is not so easy and I hope I can bring the Google Translate Conversation mode into SMS :) Google translator is also great toll for collaboration as well.
But I learned today that there are drop down boxes to select languages and a better layout of the real estate. Whats more is the new conversation mode. Even though it is in the experimental stage and limited to English and Spanish, one can easily chat with another person in either language. But it is an on screen conversation, meaning you can only chat with a person near by.
In the conversation mode, you speak in to the Google translation in your language, say in English and the phone will translate and speak out in Spanish. I am sure this will surely be an ice breaker in a foreign land, leading to many a fulfilled conversations.
According to Google Translate blog, users from over 150 countries translate in 53 languages. Of those languages, 15 supports spoken translations.
If you have Android 2.1 or later, you can get the app by searching for "Google Translate" or scanning the QR code below.

A new look for Google Translate for Android - Official Google Mobile Blog


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