Wednesday, August 12, 2009

iSIP, SIPPhone For iPhone Gets A New Moniker (Supports Free SIP Accounts)

iSIP, SIPPhone For iPhone
The SIPPhone for iPhone that we sopke about last February has become iSIP and has brought about a new version and even a newer version is said to be in the Apple's iPhone App Approval pipe line.
The version 2.2, the current version has been tested against iPhone OS version 3.0 and is available from Apple App Store at a cost of $6.99.
Once you have a SIP account (Better Free SIP Account) from a SIP Service Provider, you are ready to to make SIP calls on iPhone using a WiFi connection.
SipPhone on iPhone is powered by pjsip, that is the standard SIP library for many a telephony projects. iaxcomm
iSIP provides what you expect from a SIP client and of course having available on iPhone makes it more valueable.
You can get the iSIP app from Apple App Store.


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