Friday, August 15, 2008

Python SIP, Yes PJSIP Wraps It!

Yes now it’s done! The new module, does the abstractions in two layers. According to a blog post, the lower layer is the _pjsua C extension which exports PJSUA API to Python. This is similar to how the old Python SIP extension was implemented. But now we also add a higher layer abstraction, object oriented, pure Python module on top of this. And that is the module. We are a bit excited as we have been playing with PJSIP for a while. We will look in to this module very soon. So go ahead get the module, develop a softphone and sign into one of these free SIP accounts and talk away!

The pjsua module provides high level API for constructing SIP multimedia user agent applications. It wraps together the signaling, media, and NAT traversal functionality into easy to use call control API, providing account management, buddy list management, presence, and instant messaging, along with multimedia features such as local conferencing, file streaming, local playback, and voice recording, and powerful NAT traversal techniques utilizing STUN, TURN, and ICE.

You can read more about it and follow the Python SIP Tutorial from this blog post, Python SIP Take Two (Part 1)

Python SIP, Yes PJSIP Wraps It!


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