Saturday, August 15, 2009

iPico, Mobile SIP Client For iPhone / iPod

iPico Mobile SIP Client
The iPico SIP Mobile Client, the iPhone / iPod version of popular Pico SIP Client by mailvision allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to connect to a VoIP network over any available WIFi connection now. iPico enables users to place calls and send SMS either via VoIP Service Provides ( Free SIP Providers or commercial) or their own IPBX.

Some of the iPico Mobile SIP Clients features include;
Supported codec: G.711 PCMU
DTMF for IVR navigation
Compatible with SIP standards
Configurable SIP account (including Free SIP Account providers that we have listed)
Numeric and full SIP URI dial
Any SIP service provider could provide the service for you. But I like the SIP URI dial feature, which is lacking from many SIP clients in the iPhone / iPod arena. It also allows to use native contact list and keeps a call history (Allows one to call from historical records). It also provides other iPhone call interface features like mute, hold and ofcourse the speaker phone.

"It is a powerful VoIP solution beneficial for Mobile and PSTN Carriers, enabling them to offer end-users an intuitive interface with a high reduction of telephony costs, inherent to VoIP," moreover, "Mobile Operators and VoIP Service Providers can now differentiate themselves by offering their customers low-cost roaming services using dual handsets (with Wi-Fi connectivity) when travelling abroad," says Zeev Lerner, CEO for MailVision.
Apple App Store carries the App now and you can purchase it for $9.99



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