Monday, April 06, 2009

MLB Live Streaming On iPhone!

MLB on iPhone
As the games start today, the MLB is preparing to unleash the real time baseball game experience via MLB.TV. The fans and the players who have been hanging around for a few months now without a real game, now can look into a season full of games and ways to access the game like never before.
I ran the demo at the MLB site and that was really nice and would love to have the capability to watch a few games on my iPhone. Even if I did not watch a full game, would like to have a peek, time to time if I am engaged in another business.
But that may be coming along soon. MLB live video streaming using new streaming capabilities in iPhone 3.0, we will have MLB.TV in our iPhones. Apple hurry up with the upgrade, update!
According to MLB's Bob Bowman;
"Apple's working on a technology that will allow live streams. Fortunately, that technology overlays very well with how we do our live streaming. So when iPhone 3.0 is ready, we think we'll be able to offer live streams. If there were a heaven and it came out in midseason, maybe we offer a game or two a day and that way we don't drop the price for At Bat. We would love to do live games on the iPhone. I think people would watch. A whole game? Probably not. But ten minutes?"
Thanks goes to Silicon Alley Insider and Dan Frommer but I wonder how a Chicago Cubs fan know this much about baseball!


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