Friday, April 03, 2009 New Online Conferencing Service WIT A Twist

Video Conferencing
A new Video conferencing service, has arrived in the scene and it is a venture by "UG Communications". Tokyo, Japan. The conferencing system allows 24 simultaneous users at the same time. The twist is the simplicity and the ease of use. The WIT is the research lab behind the companies.

Only the person hosting the meeting or conference needs to have an user account. The Host logs in and recives a web URL that could be mailed to maximum of 24 users or conference members. Other conference members join the meeting by following the URL and the site will be up for 24 hours from the time it was activated. If you need more than 24 hours for your conference, create another conference. The UI aute senses your browser language and change the menues and other texts accordingly. So international conferences should not be a problem to setup, and if you know the languages.

The users will also see ads during the conference and if you do not want those interupting you, you can get a conference room, a pro account for $100 a month. I think it is too expensive for family talks but might fit SMB or corporate settings.

They use the same streaming technology used by Utagoe.

Utagoe Live100 public beta demo video from utagoe on Vimeo.



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