Friday, April 10, 2009

High-Definition VoIP (HD VoIP) Say Good Bye To "What Did You Say"

"what did you say",
Jeff Pulver was interviewed by Alan Reiter and both got into a discussion about hD VoIP, and I found it very interesting even though if was brief for my liking. I too share their passion and want to say good bye to "what did you say", that I keep on repeating during many phone calls.
But Most interesting was a almost hidden announcement;
"Interested in HD VoIP? Register TODAY for the HD Communications Summit taking place in New York City on May 21st."
Too bad I will be somewhere over in Europe celebrating my Grand Pa's Birthday, during that time. But I suggest if you are or going to be around New York, on May 21, register for the HD Communications Summit!
Hope Jeff witll write about the summit so us folks who missed will know what happened!
Jeff Pulver


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