Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gmail Mobile for iPhone and Android

GMail for mobile
If you were accessing Gmail via iPhone mail program, you might want to look at the new GMail App as seen above.
Gmail team has worked hard to provide seamless experience for GMail users, either they are on a mobile device or at their desktop. Specially the new mobile interface for GMail was revamped with the limitation of connections in mind. Gmail utilizes the cache (using database storage on the iPhone and a device-local mobile Gears database on Android-powered phones) to make the user experince smoother and to make operations faster by perfoming staring and archiving on the device and later exchanging the information to GMail.
The control bar with buttons for Archive, Delete marking and spam reporting which floats in once a message is selected is a nice touch.

To get the Gmail App on your home screen or Mobile desktop;
On Android devices:
1. In the browser, go to (be sure you've signed in)
2. Press your device's <> button
3. Select More
4. Select Bookmark page and select OK
5. Press your device's <> button, then press the <> button
6. Select Add > Shortcut > Bookmark
7. Find 'Gmail' and select it
8. A new Gmail icon appears on your home screen

On iPhone devices:
1. In Safari, go to (be sure you've signed in)
2. Tap the + at the bottom of the screen
3. Select Add to Home Screen
4. Tap Add to confirm
5. A new Gmail icon appears on your home screen

After that, GMail is a breeze on your iPhone or Android! Follow the link below to read more and to watch a video demo.

Official Gmail Blog: A new mobile Gmail experience for iPhone and Android


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