Monday, April 13, 2009

CrunchPad, Web Tablet Spy Shots!

People at APC (why?) got the scope on the new CrunchPad from Arlington, TechCrunch et al. As it was discussed before, the Web Tablet seem to be what intented to be, a web surfing, music and video streaming device.
“This machine isn’t for data entry.” Arrington stresses. “The virtual keyboard will make data entry a pain other than for entering credentials, quick searches and maybe light emails. But it is for reading emails and the news, watching videos on Hulu, YouTube, etc., listening to streaming music ... and doing video chat.” “The idea is to turn it on, bypass any desktop interface and go directly to Firefox running in a modified Kiosk mode that effectively turns the browser into the operating system for the device. Add Gears for offline syncing of Google Docs, email, etc., and Skype for communication and you have a machine that will be almost as useful as a desktop but cheaper and more portable than any laptop or tablet PC.” quiped the boss.

The price has gone up from Arrington’s initial target of US$200 to more realistic US$300, but I am sure there will be enough buyers, you got one here, may be two!.

read more and have a look at the spy shots here!


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