Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coke Bubbles, First Commercial Widget for Joost, the IPTV service

The IPTV service that I am using, Joost had many widgets added during the course of testing. Last we reported that our Joosting has taken us the way of Mebo. Joosting have been a way of catching many of catching old full length TV Episodes. But now it is different, it is just like turning on youe satellite TV, many a channels, many a programs and of course Ads come up in the place. I have found the service to be a fine product. Here is the news release about the coke bubbles. Happy Joosting.

Nov. 15, 2007 – The Coca-Cola Company’s European team announced that it has released the first commercial widget for Joost™ , the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service.

The widget, called Coke Bubbles, allows people to personalize and share specific moments from Joost with their friends. When the Coke Bubbles widget is installed in Joost, people can comment about specific scenes in a show by sending a Coke Bubble to anyone in their email address book. Coke Bubble recipients receive an email alerting them to the scene, and when they visit Joost to watch the scene, their friend’s comment will appear in a transparent bubble on the screen.

“In creating Coke Bubbles, we wanted to give people a widget that would recreate the experience of chatting together with friends while watching TV– free from the constraints of time and space,” said Stafford Green, head of interactive marketing for the Coca-Cola European Union Group. “We are always striving to become enthusiastic investors in interactive community innovations, and creating the first commercial widget has been a fun, collaborative project for both The Coca-Cola Company and our friends at Joost.”

In addition to the launch of Coke Bubbles, the Coca-Cola European Union Group and Joost have announced a partnership to help widget developers create and launch more widgets and interactive innovations. Details of the initiative, including contest rules, guidelines and prizes will be disclosed at the first Joost Developer Days, which take place in London on Nov. 16, Amsterdam on Dec. 1 and New York on Dec. 7.

Thomas Barker, co-developer of the Coke Bubbles widget, said, "We're delighted to be able to work with The Coca-Cola Company to bring something so simple yet useful to the Joost community. The technical depth of the Joost platform has given us real scope to create a rich user experience."

Mike Volpi, chief executive officer of Joost, said, “Introducing our first commercial widget marks an important milestone for Joost. We already have hours of great programming on Joost, and now, with Coke Bubbles, people are able to ‘curate’ and share their viewing experience. We look forward to working with The Coca-Cola Company, the developer community and all of our partners to make Joost even more customizable.”

Coke Bubbles beta version is publicly available for download now at Developers interested in attending one of the Joost Developer Days should email


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