Friday, November 23, 2007

Socializing with Fring, -- fringME!

Mobile VoIP firm fring! has added fringME!, a widget for communicating and let your presence known in many ways. This widget could be embedded on blogs, social networking profiles, online auction sites and any other websites for that matter.
So, if you install the FringME! widget, by adding the new fringME! HTML code onto your own web pages, blogs and pretty much anywhere you have an internet presence of your own, it will enable community members or casual visitors to instantly see whether you’re online, offline, or busy in call and also chat with you.
In addition the visitors, whether they are fringers or not, view your location in real time via Google Maps, if you have a GPS enabled handset. Privacy settings inside fring on your handset allows you to switch on or switch off the fringME! location feature, if you want to have privacy some time.
The features included in the fringME! widget will be expanding, and fringe! promises more very cool stuff in near future.To get your hands on your very own fringME! widget, simply visit the fringME! web page.


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